Patent Number: 6,252,363

Title: Circuit for timed position control of device driven by a DC motor

Abstract: The present invention relates to an electronic circuit that interrupts the application of electrical power to a motor after a predetermined period of time. The electronic circuit is disposed between a motor which drives a device from an initial position to a final position and a switch movable from a first position to a second position. A battery which supplies the electrical power for the motor is engaged with the switch. The control circuit includes at least two energy storage devices. Depending on the position of the switch, one of the energy storage devices will be fully charged by the battery source. Altering the position of the switch will cause the fully charged energy storage device to begin its discharge and the alternate energy storage device will be "instantly" charged. During the time that both energy storage devices have a significant charge on them, a control signal is generated. The control signal will be present until the discharging energy storage device falls below a threshold value. In response to the control signal, the electrical power source is applied to the motor and the motor will turn in the direction according to the polarity of the applied power source. In a second embodiment of the invention, electrical power to the motor may be interrupted prior to a full discharge of the energy storage device if the current drawn by the motor exceeds a predetermined threshold value for a minimal time period.

Inventors: Grady; Mark Emerson (Port Huron, MI)

Assignee: Prestolite Wire Corporation

International Classification: B60R 1/062 (20060101); B60R 1/07 (20060101); H02P 001/22 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018