Patent Number: 6,252,710

Title: Polarizer devices and methods for making the same

Abstract: A light polarizer includes a plurality of discrete layers of birefringent film disposed in superposed relation on a transparent substrate. The planar components of the optic axes of each successive one of the discrete layers are angularly offset relative each preceding one of the discrete layers by a predetermined angle in one of either a positive or negative direction to provide the light polarizer with selectivity for either right-handed circularly polarized (RHCP) or left-handed circularly polarized (LHCP) incident light. In another aspect of the invention, the layers are of quarter-wave thickness having planar components orthogonally offset to provide selectivity for either right or left linearly polarized light. In a still further aspect of the invention, an optically isotropic layer of quarter-wave thickness is disposed between adjacent birefringent quarter-wave plates.

Inventors: Fan; Bunsen (Peekskill, NY), Faris; Sadeg Mustafa (Pleasantville, NY), Kralik; John Charles (Lansdale, PA), Vithana; Hemasiri (Carmel, NY)

Assignee: Reveo, Inc.

International Classification: G02B 5/30 (20060101); G02B 005/30 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018