Patent Number: 6,252,796

Title: Device comprising a first and a second ferromagnetic layer separated by a non-magnetic spacer layer

Abstract: A sensor or a memory element comprises a fixed or free ferromagnetic layer. To increase the ease of writting the free layer (for memories) or the fixed layer (for sensors) the layer to be written or switched comprises multilayer configuration comprising two ferromagnetic sublayers separated by a non-magnetic spacer layer, the two ferromagnetic sublayers being magnetically coupled in such manner that their magnetization directions are anti-parallel and the device comprises means for directing a in-plane switching or re-setting current through the multilayered configuration, the current direction being transverse to the magnetization directions of the magnetically coupled sub-layers.

Inventors: Lenssen; Kars-Michiel Hubert H. (Eindhoven, NL), Van Kesteren; Hans Willem W. (Eindhoven, NL)

Assignee: U.S. Philips Corporation

International Classification: G01R 33/09 (20060101); G01R 33/06 (20060101); G11B 5/39 (20060101); G11C 11/16 (20060101); G11C 11/02 (20060101); G11B 5/00 (20060101); G11B 5/465 (20060101); G11C 011/15 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018