Patent Number: 6,252,966

Title: Artificial larynx

Abstract: An artificial larynx includes a case containing a circuitboard subassembly, a battery subassembly, a transducer subassembly, and a switch subassembly that are interconnected to function as means for producing an artificial larynx tone. A radially inwardly extending flange component is bonded with glue or other suitable bonding agent to the cylindrically shaped interior wall of a central case component to provide a screw-less circuitboard mounting stop component for stopping the circuitboard from moving forwardly within the central portion of the case interior in response to battery terminals bearing against a set of rearwardly facing battery connectors on the circuitboard. One embodiment also includes (i) a circuitboard battery cover component and locking ring arrangement, (ii) a silicone, rubber, or other resiliently deformable pad between the switch actuator and the switch for cushioning contact in order to prolong switch life, (iii) a glue-on or machined diaphragm retainer flange that prevents inward diaphragm dislodgement, (iv) two symmetrically disposed grouping of protrusions on the transducer coil form for indicating symmetrically disposed solder joint sites, and (v) first and second stiff wire conductors for electrically connecting the transducer coil contact pads on the circuitboard.

Inventors: Griffin; Clifford J. (Temecula, CA)

Assignee: Griffin Laboratories

International Classification: A61F 2/20 (20060101); A61F 002/20 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018