Patent Number: 6,253,015

Title: Planar waveguides with high refractive index

Abstract: A planar optical component having a relatively high refractive index waveguide that is capable of being coupled to a standard optical fiber or other standard optical waveguide having a relatively low refractive index waveguide exhibits reduced loss of signal as compared with conventional planar optical components having a high refractive index waveguides. The component includes a waveguide which includes a first waveguide segment having a core material with a first refractive index, a second waveguide segment having a core material with a second refractive index, and a transition waveguide segment between the first and second waveguide segments. The transition waveguide segment includes a core material with the first refractive index and a core material with the second refractive index. The first and second core materials have an interface that is sloped or tapered at an acute angle relative to the direction that the light is propagated through the waveguide to reduce reflective losses between the core materials having different refractive indices. The first waveguide segment can be fabricated to have geometric and optical properties that closely match those of a standard optical fiber, thereby reducing loss of signal at the interface between an optical fiber and the component.

Inventors: Ukrainczyk; Ljerka (Painted Post, NY)

Assignee: Corning Incorporated

International Classification: G02B 6/122 (20060101); G02B 6/12 (20060101); G02B 6/30 (20060101); G02B 006/10 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018