Patent Number: 6,253,102

Title: System for displaying cardiac arrhythmia data

Abstract: A medical device system and method of plotting symbols representing complexes of selected arrhythmic events on an interactive display screen, for organizing, displaying and interacting with a patient's recorded arrhythmia episodes. Stored arrhythmic episode are selected from a plurality of arrhythmic episodes, where the stored arrhythmic episode having a plurality of complexes. A similarity value and a dissimilarity value is calculated for each complex of the plurality of complexes of the selected arrhythmic episode with respect to normal sinus rhythm complexes. Symbols representing the arrhythmic complexes are then plotted as a function of the calculated similarity values and the dissimilarity values on an interactive display screen. Additional information relating to the arrhythmic event is elicited through interacting with the symbols displayed on the interactive display screen.

Inventors: Hsu; William (Circle Pines, MN), Lang; Douglas J. (Arden Hills, MN)

Assignee: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

International Classification: A61N 1/372 (20060101); A61N 1/362 (20060101); A61N 1/37 (20060101); A61B 005/046 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018