Patent Number: 6,253,112

Title: Method of and apparatus for constructing a complex control system and the complex control system created thereby

Abstract: A method of and apparatus for constructing a control system and a control system created thereby which is based on multiple finite state machines, each in turn based on a finite state machine with constant code (FSMcc). An input preprocessor module normalizes input signals as required by the finite state machine logical processing unit. An output postprocessor module changes the normalized finite state machine outputs to real signals required by the controlled process or apparatus. The input preprocessor allows for a different finite state machine required for an application to be executed by the same constant code contained in the FSMcc microcode storage. An application logic table for the FSMcc is constructed using a specific organization of data representing application logic conditions. The ability to control a process or apparatus with multiple finite state machines allows the designer to use the FSMcc technology more widely and in more complex situations.

Inventors: Flora-Holmquist; Alan Robert (Batavia, IL), Morton; Edward (Oswego, IL), O'Grady; James Day (Aurora, IL), Staskauskas; Mark Gerard (Del Mar, CA)

Assignee: Lucent Technologies Inc.

International Classification: G05B 19/042 (20060101); G05B 19/04 (20060101); G05B 011/01 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018