Patent Number: 6,253,393

Title: Door for shower enclosure

Abstract: A door for shower enclosures has at least two door leaves disposed side-by-side in a closed state of the door, a continuous vertical hinge element connecting the door leaves so that upon opening of the door one of the door leaves pivots forward about a rotary axis of the hinge element, a double hinge element mountable on one wall of a shower area or on a vertical profile of a shower enclosure and having a rear suspension part and a front suspension part, another of the door leaves being supported rotatably in a rotary axis by one face end on the rear suspension part of the double hinge element, at least one horizontally disposed rotating arm which is articulated rotatably in another rotary axis on the front suspension part of the double hinge element which is farther from the shower area than the rear suspension part, the retaining arm fitting over the hinge element and being supported rotatably by an opposite end in a further rotary axis of a further suspension part mounted rigidly on the hinge element.

Inventors: Dries; Armin (63110 Rodgau (Nieder-Roden), DE), Wegener; Susanne (63110 Rodgau (Nieder-Roden), DE)


International Classification: A47K 3/36 (20060101); A47K 3/28 (20060101); A47K 003/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018