Patent Number: 6,253,436

Title: Universal valve core removal tool and kit

Abstract: A tool for a pressurized refrigeration system having a valve with a removable valve core comprises: a valve assembly having a first opening and a second opening and a shut-off valve, the shut-off valve adapted to close and open a passageway between the first opening and the second opening; a valve adapter coupled to the first opening, wherein the valve adapter is adapted to couple to the valve; and, a shaft assembly coupled to the second opening, the shaft assembly having a shaft adapted to move through the passageway, when the shut-off valve is open, and engage the removable valve core. The removable valve core can be removed, while under pressure, from the valve, by rotating the shaft to extract the removable valve core in a controlled manner.

Inventors: Barjesteh; Michael (Denville, NJ), Barjesteh; Nader (Woodbury, MN)

Assignee: Mastercool, Inc.

International Classification: B25B 27/24 (20060101); B25B 27/14 (20060101); F16K 43/00 (20060101); B23P 019/04 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018