Patent Number: 6,253,458

Title: Adjustable counterbalance mechanism for a coordinate measurement machine

Abstract: A counterbalance mechanism for use with a multi-joint manually positionable measuring arm of a three dimensional coordinate measurement system provides a reversible and adjustable counterbalancing force to offset the weight of the arm and facilitate its movement. The counterbalance mechanism of the present invention acts within the plane of the joint minimizing the moment arm created by the joint and allowing for low overhung loads transmitted from the arm to the base.

Inventors: Raab; Simon (Maitland, FL), Bodjack; John A. (Sauford, FL)

Assignee: Faro Technologies, Inc.

International Classification: G01B 5/00 (20060101); G01B 5/008 (20060101); G01B 005/004 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018