Patent Number: 6,253,459

Title: Combined ring sizer and gemstone measuring device

Abstract: A combined measuring device for indicating both the ring size of a user and the size of a gemstone, includes an elongate housing having a hollow interior and a first measurement scale located along a length of the housing. The first measurement scale includes indicia representative of different ring sizes. An indicator is slidably mounted on the housing for movement along the measurement scale, with at least a portion of the indicator extending into the hollow interior of the housing. A flexible measuring band has a first end removably connected to an end portion of the housing and a second end connected to the indicator portion within the housing. The flexible measuring band forms a measuring loop outside of the housing such that movement of the indicator along the housing changes the size of the measuring loop to thereby adjust to the size of an object to be measured. A second measurement scale is located on a length of the flexible measuring band and includes indicia representative of distance. With this arrangement, the relative position of the indicator with respect to the first measurement scale is indicative of ring size when at least a portion of the object is located within the measuring loop, and the relative position of the second measurement scale with respect to the housing is indicative of gemstone size. The measuring band may be removed from the housing for independently measuring distance or other geometrical parameters. A groove or step may be formed on an inner surface of the measuring loop for holding an object being measured.

Inventors: Barnhill; Thomas K. (Mesa, AZ)


International Classification: G01B 5/02 (20060101); G01B 003/10 (); G01B 003/34 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018