Patent Number: 6,253,483

Title: Fish strike sensor with distinct audio alarm

Abstract: The increased tension in the fishing line created by a strike causes an alarm sensor with an armature to be pulled downward bringing a distal portion of a primary sensor wire into contact with a distal portion of a secondary sensor wire to complete an electrical circuit and activating an alarm circuit within a housing. An adjustable loop permits the selectivity of the sensor to be adjusted. The alarm sensor has a distal portion of the secondary wire formed in a triangular configuration to provide an expanded surface area for contact with the distal portion of the primary sensor wire. A rubber clamp has a slit which enable the clamp to be fitted over a distal end of the fishing rod. The alarm sensor is electrically connected to the electrical circuit mounted on the handle by a two-conductor cable having the primary sensor wire and the secondary sensor wire. The electrical circuit is powered by a battery and includes a record/playback switch, a reset switch, an on/off switch, a microphone, a speaker and a memory buffer are contained in an alarm circuit housing.

Inventors: Reams; Jim A (Riverton, UT)


International Classification: A01K 97/12 (20060101); A01K 085/01 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018