Patent Number: 6,253,500

Title: Expandable, mobile accommodation of activities

Abstract: An expendable and collapsible mobile structure includes a central structure having a floor, a roof, front and rear end walls, and at least one longitudinal side wall that is movable out from the central structure. In an expansion operation, the front and rear side walls are adapted to be initially swung out perpendicular to the longitudinal side wall and positioned by ground supports. The top and bottom portions of inner sides of the front and rear side walls, moreover, are provided with rails, and top and bottom portions of front and rear side edges of the longitudinal side wall are provided with respective guide members which are movably journalled on the rails. The roof of the central structure is movable in a vertical direction and is provided with guide members that are guided along vertical rails provided on an inside of the front and rear end walls of the central structure. The roof is vertically movable between: (i) an upper position substantially flush with the top guide rails provided on the inner sides of the front and rear side walls, and (ii) a lower position in which the foldable roof sections are in a folded state and the longitudinal side wall is retracted, with the outermost roof section still being hinged to the top portion of the longitudinal side wall.

Inventors: Gyllenhammar; Thorbjorn (Stockholm, SE)

Assignee: Innovation Development Enterprise i. Stockholm AB

International Classification: E04B 1/344 (20060101); E04H 001/12 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018