Patent Number: 6,253,510

Title: Lightweight interior moulding

Abstract: The invention relates to a lightweight gypsum coated decorative moulding, for installation on an interior building surface. The moulding is lightweight and flexible enough to withstand handling without cracking of the finished gypsum surface of the moulding. A gypsum coated surface is advantageous in that: fire resistance is enhanced; the moulding can be painted and repaired easily; and liquid gypsum compound can be used as an adhesive to install the lightweight moulding without mechanical fasteners or other support. Bevel joints can be cut with standard carpentry tools and the joints can be secured with liquid gypsum compound as well. The use of liquid gypsum compound as an adhesive and finishing coat ensures accurate fitting and finishing of joints as well as ease of repair. The moulding has an elongate foam core of a resilient expanded polystyrene foam solid, having a cross-sectional profile proportionately smaller than the desired cross-sectional profile of the finished decorative moulding. The core has a rear surface, a decorative surface, and the rear surface includes at least one elongate mounting face for mounting the moulding to the interior building surface. Covering the decorative surface of the foam is a base coating core of hard granular particles, such as silica sand, suspended in an acrylic matrix. The base coating is adapted for liquid application and is cured to produce a relatively rough surface. Covering the base coating on the decorative surface, is a finish coating of gypsum powder suspended in an acrylic matrix. The finish coating is adapted for liquid application and is cured to produce a relatively smooth finished surface.

Inventors: Santarossa; Ned (Concord, CA)

Assignee: Ontario Limited

International Classification: E04F 19/04 (20060101); E04B 002/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018