Patent Number: 6,253,582

Title: Print-receptive, pill-resistant, knitted fabric

Abstract: A print-receptive, pill-resistant, knitted fabric and printed article of apparel. The fabric is knitted from yarn formed from high-tenacity, staple synthetic fiber having a tenacity value of greater than about 4 grams/denier and preferably about 6 grams/denier. The resulting knitted fabric has a pilling resistance value of greater than about 3. In the preferred embodiment, the high-tenacity, staple synthetic fiber is selected from the group consisting of air jet spun polyester; nylon; acrylic; and polypropylene. The use of staple fibers improves the hand, drape and comfort of the knitted fabric. Also, in the preferred embodiment, the knitted fabric is a double-knit fabric having a front side and a back side, the front side being formed from the high-tenacity, staple synthetic fiber and the back side being substantially formed from cellulosic yarns, such as cotton and synthetic cellulosic fibers. This construction improves both comfort and opacity of the knitted fabric while, at the same time, provides a print-receptive face and good print resolution of the article of apparel after multiple home washings.

Inventors: Driggars; Sonny B. (Advance, NC)

Assignee: Sara Lee Corporation

International Classification: D04B 1/14 (20060101); D04B 001/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018