Patent Number: 6,253,583

Title: Warp knitting machine with pattern

Abstract: A warp knitting machine with bearded needles (5) and a pattern press comprises a driven press bar (10) having individual press elements thereon. These are so controllable that during the working stroke (47) of the press bar (10) at choice there is provided a press contact onto the hooks (19) of the corresponding bearded needles (5) or not. Every pressing element (46) is provided with a piezoelectric bending transducer ((42) attached at one end whose free end (45) in the direction of the needle bed may either move from a first position during the working stroke 47 into a press contact and in a second position in which the press element 46 or a power transmitting element located forwardly thereof in the direction of the needle bed may be displaced. In this manner, it is possible to provide a safely constructed pattern press suited for high velocity operation.

Inventors: Brandl; Klaus (Hainburg, DE), Mista; Kresimir (Heusenstamm, DE)

Assignee: Karl Mayer Textilmachinenfabrik GmbH

International Classification: D04B 23/24 (20060101); D04B 23/00 (20060101); D04B 023/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018