Patent Number: 6,253,586

Title: Apparatus and method for processing fabric

Abstract: An apparatus for a large throughput fabric processing operation including a conveyor belt passing under a row of washers and having an extraction (spinning) apparatus at the end of the belt. The production line involves top loading each washer as required and dumping the batches of fabric on the belt after completing the washing step. The extraction step involves varying the rate of spin and the tilt of the extraction cyclinder in order to maintain an even distribution of fabric and then rocking the extractor to loosen the load from the inside surface of the extractor. Processing oprations to which this invention may be applied include, laundering, dyeing and drycleaning.

Inventors: Lai; David (South San Francisco, CA)


International Classification: D06F 95/00 (20060101); D06F 029/02 (); D06F 037/28 (); D06F 037/30 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018