Patent Number: 6,253,637

Title: Control device for hydrostatic apparatus

Abstract: A control device for hydrostatic apparatus is disclosed. One embodiment in the control device is optimized for use with a hydrostatic transmission having a casing. The control arm is movably mounted to the casing and frictional structure engages the control arm to resist rotational movement of the control arm. A spring may be used to bias a wedge into frictional relation with the control arm to resist rotation of the control arm. The wedge may also be secured with removable attachments.

Inventors: Hauser; Raymond M. (Sullivan, IL), Langenfeld; Thomas J. (Sullivan, IL), Ward; William H. (Mahomet, IL)

Assignee: Hydro-Gear Limited Partnership

International Classification: B60K 17/10 (20060101); F16H 57/02 (20060101); G05G 005/16 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018