Patent Number: 6,253,651

Title: Rotary knife cutter

Abstract: A rotary knife cutter is provided. The rotary knife cutter has a flywheel to which knife blades are attached at the circumference of the flywheel. The flywheel is directly driven by a gear reducer that is directly connected to a servo-motor. The servo-motor may be operated to rotate the flywheel at a constant speed for cutting or the servo-motor may cause the flywheel to stop after each revolution to regulate the cutting desired. One or more blades may be attached to the flywheel depending upon the desired type of cuts to be made. Cutter bushings varying in size and cross-sectional shape may be utilized to guide a particular cross-sectional size and shape of material to the cutter knives.

Inventors: Bessemer; Robert H. (York, PA)

Assignee: The Conair Group, Inc.

International Classification: B26D 1/01 (20060101); B26D 1/29 (20060101); B26D 001/26 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018