Patent Number: 6,253,666

Title: Turning structure of a baking equipment

Abstract: A baking equipment has an oven to bake an article which was dipped in a resin, a sealing box, and a plurality of heating devices and a turning structure disposed in the sealing box. The turning structure has a pair of transporting devices and a pair of air-cushioning devices disposed in the transporting devices.

Inventors: Wong; Roderick (Taichung, TW)


International Classification: F26B 13/20 (20060101); F26B 13/10 (20060101); A21B 001/46 (); A21D 008/00 (); A21C 011/00 (); A23L 001/00 (); A47J 037/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018