Patent Number: 6,253,681

Title: Securing device for attaching a stabilizing band to air-dropped ammunition

Abstract: An air-dropped ammunition includes an ammunition body having a rearward portion; a firing pin accommodated in the rearward portion; a stabilizing band being received in a folded state at least partially in the rearward portion of the ammunition body; and a device for securing the stabilizing band to the firing pin. The device includes a disk having an upturned rim. The disk engages face-to-face one of two overlapping ends of the stabilizing band, and the upturned rim is oriented away from the overlapping ends. The overlapping ends and the disk are firmly attached to the firing pin.

Inventors: Roosmann; Karlheinz (Fassberg-Muden, DE), Weber; Adolf (Neunkirchen, DE)

Assignee: Rheinmetal W & M. GmbH

International Classification: F42B 10/48 (20060101); F42B 10/00 (20060101); F42B 10/02 (20060101); F42B 010/48 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018