Patent Number: 6,253,719

Title: Variable phase mechanism

Abstract: A variable phase mechanism comprises a hollow shaft 16, first 10 and second 14 members rotatable about the hollow shaft 16 and two yokes 18, 20 surrounding the hollow shaft 16, one yoke 18 coupling the hollow shaft 16 for rotation with first member 10 and the other yoke 20 coupling the second member 14 for rotation with the first member 10. An actuating rod 32 is slidably received in the hollow shaft 16, and has cam surfaces 36, 38 that on the first yoke 18 by way of a plungers 40 passing through a generally radial bore in the hollow shaft 16 to cause the first yoke 18 to move radially in response to axial movement of the actuating rod and thereby vary the angular position of the first member 10 relative to the hollow shaft 16. Rotation of the hollow shaft 16 relative to the first member 10 causes the outer surface of the hollow shaft 16 to interact with the inner surface of the second yoke 20 to cause the angular position of the second member 14 to be varied in relation to the first member 10.

Inventors: Methley; Ian (Witney, GB)

Assignee: Mechadyne PLC

International Classification: F01L 1/344 (20060101); F01L 013/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018