Patent Number: 6,253,721

Title: Swivel-mounted cam follower for a valve drive of an internal combustion engine

Abstract: A cam follower (1) is proposed, which is made from a sheet metal material, and has a profile that is U-shaped in cross-section. In the area of its one end (6), its side walls (2) taper conically. At the same time, straps (7) for guiding a shaft end of a gas exchange valve are provided on an underside (5) of the cam follower (1) as an extension of the side walls (2) and are bent by to fit on the underside (5) in the area of the end (6). A cam follower (1) of this type is made in a simple way, has an excellent guide possibility for the shaft end of the gas exchange valve, and has a smaller mass with a smaller mass moment of inertia than cam followers that have been used until now.

Inventors: Mayer; Wolfgang (Seukendorf, DE), Engelhardt; Helmut (Herzogenaurach, DE), Speil; Walter (Ingolstadt, DE)

Assignee: INA Walzlager Schaeffler oHG

International Classification: F01L 1/18 (20060101); F01L 001/18 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018