Patent Number: 6,253,747

Title: Torsional coupling for supercharger

Abstract: A supercharger (26) has first (28) and second (29) meshed lobed rotors, each having associated therewith a timing gear (62), the timing gears being meshed to prevent contact of the meshed lobes of the rotors (28,29). Input torque to the supercharger (blower) is by an input shaft (54), with torque being transmitted to the timing gear through a torsion damping mechanism. In accordance with the invention, the damping mechanism comprises the timing gear and an input hub (70) defining cylindrical outer (86) and inner (88) surfaces, with a torsion spring (76) disposed radially therebetween. The spring defines a normal inside diameter (90) which is spaced apart from the outer surface (86) by an amount corresponding to a predetermined positive travel limit. For a different engine application, the mechanism may be adapted by merely providing a different diameter for the outer surface (86), thus changing the travel limit.

Inventors: Sell; Craig E. (Marshall, MI), Swartzlander; Matthew G. (Battle Creek, MI)

Assignee: Eaton Corporation

International Classification: F02B 39/04 (20060101); F02B 33/00 (20060101); F02B 33/34 (20060101); F02B 39/02 (20060101); F02B 033/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018