Patent Number: 6,253,772

Title: Hair sculpting apparatus and methods

Abstract: A hair sculpting device having an elongated member with first and second free end portions and a middle portion. Universal coupling means are disposed proximate the first and second tree end portions and at least one intermediate location along the middle portion. The universal coupling means are adapted to allow the first and second free end portions and the intermediate location to be selectively coupled. The universal coupling means can be further used to couple the device to one or more additional devices, thereby allowing a user to configure the device(s) as a function of the hair length or form. In an exemplary embodiment, the universal coupling means includes a female portion having a closed loop and a male portion having adjacent first and second flexible prongs. Each of the first and second flexible prongs has an outwardly projecting shoulder portion adapted to retain the male portion in the female portion. In an alternate exemplary embodiment, the universal coupling means includes a male portion having an external wall and a female portion having an internal wall, and the external wall of the male portion has a profile substantially similar to the internal wall of the female portion. The male and female portion can take the form of a tapered cylinder and a C-shaped member having an internal wall defining a tapered cylinder, respectively; the male and female portions being adjacent and axially-aligned.

Inventors: Chambers; Synneve (Dallas, TX), Rhodes; Mark Walker (Dallas, TX)


International Classification: A45D 8/00 (20060101); A45D 008/04 (); A45D 008/12 (); A45D 008/22 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018