Patent Number: 6,253,799

Title: Method for controlling bulk supply of material to integral pneumatic dispenser

Abstract: A method is disclosed for reloading a plurality of shotmeters supplying fluid material to a plurality of robots from a bulk supply. The method is capable of alternating which of the shotmeters is being reloaded at any given time. This greatly reduces the capacity requirements of the bulk supply. The method includes the steps of activating one of the shotmeters to define a primary shotmeter. The material in the primary shotmeter is then dispensed. Once the primary shotmeter is emptied, the other of the two shotmeters associated with the robot is activated and becomes the primary shotmeter. This shotmeter then dispenses the material. A request is forwarded to the system programming logic controller to reload the emptied shotmeter. Once approval is received, the emptied shotmeter is reloaded. The system programming logic controller only allows the emptied shotmeter to reload when the emptied shotmeter is the only one of the plurality of shotmeters relying on the bulk supply at that time.

Inventors: Guzowski; Raymond J. (Fenton, MI), Lazar; David W. (Troy, MI), Slagle; Jeffrey (Goodrich, MI)

Assignee: Fanuc Robotics North America, Inc.

International Classification: B05C 11/10 (20060101); B65B 001/04 (); B65B 003/04 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018