Patent Number: 6,253,852

Title: Lateral branch junction for well casing

Abstract: A well casing junction connects an upper string of casing to a pair of lower or branch strings that diverge from each other. The junction tool has an upper section and a pair of branch sections that join the upper section and each other. The junction tool is collapsed for running into the well along with casing. To collapse, a force is applied to opposite sides to create identical, deep depressions in the opposite sides of the junction tool. Once in position, internal pressure forces the depressions outward to assume an expanded position. A support member locates at the junction and between the two branch sections. The support member reduces stress that occurs from moving from the collapsed to the expanded position.

Inventors: Nobileau; Philippe (F-06240 Villefranche sur Mer, FR)


International Classification: E21B 41/00 (20060101); E21B 43/10 (20060101); E21B 43/02 (20060101); E21B 007/06 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018