Patent Number: 6,253,872

Title: Track soundproofing arrangement

Abstract: A noise control device for tracks (1) comprising sound-absorbing slabs (3) mounted at the rails (2) of the track (1), the slabs being supported on the rails (2) via elastic sections (5) and self-supportingly bridging the space between the rails (2). To improve silencing of the slabs (3) it is provided for the slabs (3) to be comprised of particles (9) of porous lightweight building material, which are combined by a binder. The slabs (3) have an embedded reinforcement (11). Advantageously, also silencing cavity resonators (14) are formed in the slabs (3). A special embodiment provides for the space between the rails (2) of a track to be bridged by slab parts (3a, 3b) arranged in pairs which are supported on each other at their rims (26, 27) facing each other.

Inventors: Neumann; Bernhard (Gmunden, AT)

Assignee: Gmundner Fertigteile Gesellschaft m.b.H & Co., KG

International Classification: E01B 19/00 (20060101); B64F 001/26 (); E04H 017/00 (); G10K 011/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018