Patent Number: 6,253,925

Title: Mechanical gap filter

Abstract: The invention relates to an arrangement (5) for a filter (6) for plastic material in the form of granulates supplied to an injection nozzle (7), whereby accommodated internally in a casing (8) is a filter body (20) extending in the longitudinal sense of the casing. The filter body (20) consists of metal or some other hard material. Arranged essentially in the longitudinal extent (10) of the filter body (20) is a number of groove-shaped unevennesses (11, 12) in the form of peaks (11) and valleys (12) extending along the filter body on its envelope surface, which unevennesses are executed so as to extend internally within the casing (8) at a distance (S) from it. A gap (9) is formed between the peaks (11) and the casing (8). The function of the filter body (20) and casing (8) is for quantities of intended objects (14) of a specific kind removable by filtration to be arranged in such a way as to be prevented from moving past the peaks (11), and to be collected instead in interjacent valleys (12A) for subsequent removal.

Inventors: Muller; Hans (Frufallan, SE)


International Classification: B01D 29/44 (20060101); B07B 001/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018