Patent Number: 6,253,967

Title: Assembly comprising a flexible container having a dosing device and dosing device of such assembly

Abstract: The assembly comprises a flexible container in which liquid can be stored and a dosing device connected to the container for dispensing liquid from the container in a dosed manner. The dosing device comprises a filling chamber and means for filling the filling chamber from the container at a selectively settable filling height by squeezing the container. The filling chamber comprises a filling chamber bottom, a vertical sidewall and at least a first and a second channel which each extends upwards from the filling chamber bottom of the filling chamber and each has an inflow opening and an outflow opening. The dosing device further comprises a base bottom connected to the container, the entire filling chamber being rotatably mounted on the base bottom. The base bottom is provided with a through-flow opening which, via a feed line, is in fluid connection with the inner space of the container, while the inflow opening of the first or second channel can selectively be brought into fluid connection with the through-flow opening by rotation of the filling chamber relative to the base bottom.

Inventors: Sperna Weiland; Jan Adolf Ernst (Deventer, NL)

Assignee: Sara Lee/De N.V.

International Classification: G01F 11/00 (20060101); G01F 11/28 (20060101); B67D 003/06 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018