Patent Number: 6,253,987

Title: Friction pull plug welding: top hat plug design

Abstract: Friction Pull Plug Welding is a solid state repair process for defects up to one inch in length, only requiring single sided tooling, or outside skin line (OSL), for preferred usage on flight hardware. The most prevalent defect associated with Friction Pull Plug Welding (FPPW) was a top side or inside skin line (ISL) lack of bonding. Bonding was not achieved at this location due to the reduction in both frictional heat and welding pressure between the plug and plate at the end of the weld. Thus, in order to eliminate the weld defects and increase the plug strength at the plug `top` a small `hat` section is added to the pull plug for added frictional heating and pressure.

Inventors: Coletta; Edmond R. (New Orleans, LA), Cantrell; Mark A. (Pearl River, LA)

Assignee: Lockheed Martin Corporation

International Classification: B23K 20/12 (20060101); B23K 020/12 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018