Patent Number: 6,254,019

Title: Food processor

Abstract: The invention is a food processor with a blade that moves up and down while rotating, for improved comminuting action. An additional, more general field of this invention is in the area of transmission mechanisms, specifically a mechanism that adds up-and-down motion to rotational motion. The mechanism includes a lifting element which is coupled to the drive shaft and which is also free to move up and down along the shaft. The blade is attached to the lifting element. A cylinder is fixed to the main body of the processor. A thread forms a continuous loop inside the cylinder, beginning at the bottom of the cylinder, extending in a spiral fashion to the top of the cylinder, and returning in a reverse spiral fashion to the bottom of the cylinder. The lifting element fits inside the cylinder, and has a post and a member located thereon. The post and member on the lifting element fit into the thread on the cylinder. The rotating action of the lifting element influences the post and member, and thus the lifting element and blade, to move upward along the cylinder thread. As the lifting element rotates past its highest position, the post and member move downward along the cylinder thread, causing the lifting element and blade to move downward as well. This up-and-down action repeats itself with subsequent rotations of the drive shaft. Thus, the blade moves repeatedly up and down while rotating, improving the comminuting action of the processor.

Inventors: Galbreath; John Alexander (Reisterstown, MD)


International Classification: A47J 43/04 (20060101); A47J 43/08 (20060101); B02C 019/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018