Patent Number: 6,254,022

Title: Reel body of double bearing reel

Abstract: A reel body (1) of a double bearing reel includes a pair of side plates (10) and (11), two connecting members (12a and 12b), and a fishing rod installation portion (4). The pair of side plates define a cylindrically shaped space there between and have respective circumferential outer surfaces formed by lathe cutting work with a radius (R1) about a first centering axis (01) so as have a circular shape. The upper connecting member (12a) connects the pair of side plates and a portion (12C) of a radially outer surface of the upper connecting member is provided with an arcuate shape formed by lathe cutting work having a radius (R2) about a second centering axis (02). The fishing rod installation portion 4 extends in the longitudinal direction of the fishing rod and is integrally formed with a portion of a lower connecting member (12b).

Inventors: Katayama; Hitoshi (Sakai, JP)

Assignee: Shimano Inc.

International Classification: A01K 89/015 (20060101); A01K 89/00 (20060101); A01K 089/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018