Patent Number: 6,254,029

Title: Weed trimmer line rewinder device

Abstract: A weed trimmer line rewinder device for use by the elderly and those persons having arthritis in the hands. The main work performed by the device rests with a hand crank having a shaft from which extends at least one sliding lug key that can be placed in any location along a track in the shaft so as to be engageable with lugs on various sized spools, including spools for both electric powered and gas powered weed trimmers. A vertically oriented filler string spool axle is on the opposite end of the base board. The filler spool axle has a sharpened top end used to poke through plastic in which the filler spool is wrapped. Midway between the weed trimmer spool and the filler spool is an F-shaped guide peg affixed to the base board. The guide peg provides horizontal guidance and imparts tension upon the weed trimmer string as it is wound around, and replenishes the weed trimmer spool.

Inventors: Robertson; Judy K. (Licking, MO), Robertson; Tyler J. (Licking, MO)


International Classification: B65H 54/00 (20060101); B65H 054/40 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018