Patent Number: 6,254,043

Title: Lockable stand

Abstract: A lockable stand in order to be able to transport the stand. A central leg (2) is provided with a first support plate (26) and the other stand legs (3, 4) are provided with respective further support plates (36, 46) which are placed on the first support plate (26) of the central leg (2). Locking consist of pegs for locking the legs together are arranged on the support plates and coordinated holes or a strap of the central leg (2), in which the strap is fastened to a clamp fitting (25), engage one another. Locking of the legs in a retracted position is produced by means of a lock (27) arranged on the central leg (2). A manipulation of the stand by an operator can be performed in the upright position.

Inventors: Schwarzler; Johannes-Gallus (Lauterach, AT)

Assignee: Leica Geosystems AG

International Classification: F16M 11/32 (20060101); F16M 11/20 (20060101); F16M 011/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018