Patent Number: 6,254,064

Title: Ornamental ring for fence

Abstract: An ornamental ring for a picket fence of the type having at least one horizontally extending rail being a top rail and at least one other horizontally extending rail being an intermediate rail spaced slightly below the top rail, and having a plurality of spaced vertical pickets connected to the rails such that the pickets extend through the rails and form rectangular openings with the upper rail and the intermediate rail, each rail having a top wall and an inner bottom wall spaced from the top wall so as to form a relatively narrow raceway wherein a retaining rod passes through each raceway of each rail and through openings in the pickets to retain the pickets in position, a ring filling each rectangular opening, each ring having a vertical tang extending upwardly from the top of the ring and through a slotted opening in the inner bottom wall of the top rail, each ring having a rectangular ear projecting downwardly from the bottom of the ring and extending into a slotted opening in the top wall of the intermediate rail, each tang having an opening so as to receive the retaining rod which passes through the raceway of the top rail, each ear having an opening for receiving the retaining rod which passes through the raceway of the intermediate rail.

Inventors: Gibbs; Edward L. (Tulsa, OK)


International Classification: B21F 27/00 (20060101); B21F 027/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018