Patent Number: 6,254,160

Title: Catering unit for motor vehicles

Abstract: A catering unit suitable for transportation in, and suitable for use in, a motor vehicle, especially a non-commercial motor vehicle such as a car. The catering unit (10) comprises a housing (12); a sink (26) disposed in an upper face of the housing (12); at least one gas burner (28) disposed in said face of the housing (12); a temperature-regulating storage unit (110) disposed within the housing:(12); a water supply reservoir (96) disposed within the housing (12), for supplying water to the sink (26); and a waste water reservoir (100) disposed within the housing (12), for storing waste water from the sink (12). The size and weight of the catering unit (10) are such that the it is portable in the sense that it can be placed into and removed from a motor vehicle by hand.

Inventors: Marriott; Edgar Aubrey (Edenbridge, Kent, GB), Mariner; William Edward (Oxted, Surrey, GB)


International Classification: B60N 2/46 (20060101); B60N 2/02 (20060101); B60N 3/10 (20060101); B60N 2/20 (20060101); B60N 3/16 (20060101); B60N 3/18 (20060101); B60N 3/00 (20060101); B60P 003/05 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018