Patent Number: 6,254,222

Title: Liquid jet recording apparatus with flow channels for jetting liquid and a method for fabricating the same

Abstract: Through-holes serving as common liquid chambers 5 are formed in a flow channel substrate 1 by a wet anisotropic etching process. One opened end of each through-hole serves as a liquid inlet 4. Trenches rectangular in cross section, which are used as liquid flow channels 7, are formed in the flow channel substrate by RIE process. Each liquid flow channel 7 includes a front constriction 41 formed near its associated discharge orifice 9 and a rear constriction 42 formed near a connection portion between the channel and the common liquid chamber 5. The common liquid chamber 5 is communicatively connected to the liquid flow channel 7 in a linear fashion, and a portion of the liquid flow channel 7 between the front constriction 41 and the rear constriction 42 may be designed to be broad. Therefore, the flow channel resistance is reduced, the liquid jetting efficiency is improved, and the liquid re-supplying is performed at high speed.

Inventors: Murata; Michiaki (Ebina, JP), Nayve; Regan (Ebina, JP), Fukugawa; Atsushi (Ebina, JP), Fujii; Masahiko (Ebina, JP)

Assignee: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

International Classification: B41J 2/14 (20060101); B41J 2/16 (20060101); B41J 002/05 (); B41J 002/17 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018