Patent Number: 6,254,376

Title: Apparatus for making a plurality of interconnected vials

Abstract: A device for molding a container is disclosed. The device will include a first member including an opening defined therein. A manifold member, operatively attached to the first member for channeling a plastic fluid to an insert device, is included. The insert devices are positioned within the opening located within the first member, with the insert containing a first slide and a second slide. The first slide and second slide will have an extended position and a contracted position, and wherein the contracted position defines a cavity profile. The second member will have a first end that contains a plurality of core pins. A piston is adapted to the second end of the second member for reciprocating the second member into engagement with the insert so that the first slide and second slide are moved to the contracted position. During the reciprocating motion, the plurality of core pins are received in the cavity profile. The apparatus will further comprise heater devices for suppling a heat to the fluidized plastic. Also described herewith is a method of casting a container with a mold, with the container being used as a medical vial.

Inventors: Louviere; Kent A. (Youngsville, LA)


International Classification: B29C 45/26 (20060101); B29C 045/22 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018