Patent Number: 6,254,549

Title: Guidewire replacement device with flexible intermediate section

Abstract: A guidewire replacement device having a proximal shaft section, a distal shaft section and a flexible intermediate shaft section which facilitate the articulation of the distal shaft section with respect to the proximal shaft section. The intermediate shaft section has as aperture for the egress or exit of an in-place guidewire during a guidewire exchange. The proximal end of an in-place guidewire is inserted through the distal guidewire port in the distal end of the distal shaft section, through the distal section and out the aperture in the intermediate shaft section. The exchange device is advanced through the inner lumen of a guiding catheter over the in-place guidewire until the distal end of the exchange device extends through the proximal guidewire port of a rapid exchange type intraluminal catheter. Once the guidewire exchange device is properly placed, the in-place guidewire can then be withdrawn from the patient. The replacement guidewire can then be advanced through the inner lumen of the proximal shaft section, the guidewire passageway of the intermediate section, the inner lumen of the distal section into the guidewire receiving inner lumen of the intraluminal catheter. The guidewire exchange device may then be removed from the patient.

Inventors: Ramzipoor; Kamal (Union City, CA)

Assignee: Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

International Classification: A61M 29/02 (20060101); A61B 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018