Patent Number: 6,254,576

Title: Pressure-responsive flow regulator and drug delivery devices employing the same

Abstract: A fluid flow regulator of a type having a variable outlet defined by a spacing between an outlet aperture and a flexible diaphragm, and in which the position of the flexible diaphragm varies as a function of a pressure differential between a sensing chamber on a first side of the diaphragm and an outlet chamber on a second side of the diaphragm. The regulator includes an adjustable flow impedance configuration in the flow path from the sensing chamber to the outlet chamber has a two elements providing opposing cylindrical surfaces in sliding contact. One of the cylindrical surfaces has a groove configured to define a flow-attenuating passageway having a net flow vector substantially parallel to the axis of the cylindrical surfaces. Axial relative movement between the elements causes a variation in an extent of overlap between the cylindrical surfaces, thereby varying an operative length of the flow-attenuating passageway.

Inventors: Shekalim; Avraham (Nesher, IL)

Assignee: Medrip Ltd.

International Classification: A61M 5/168 (20060101); G05D 7/01 (20060101); G05D 7/00 (20060101); A61M 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018