Patent Number: 6,254,587

Title: Method for delivering viscoelastic material to an eye

Abstract: A phacoemulsification handpiece for ophthalmic surgical procedures includes a needle having a tip and connected to a source of ultrasonic energy, for cutting and/or fragmenting eye tissue along with a conduit for introducing irrigation fluid proximate the needle tip. The handpiece also includes separate structure for introducing a viscous fluid, such as a viscoelastic material, proximate the needle tip as well as bore through the needle and handpiece for aspirating irrigation fluid, viscoelastic material end cut and/or fragmented eye tissue. An accumulator, connected to the housing is provided for containing a supply of viscous fluid. A diaphragm assembly and a manual valve are provided for delivering viscous material to the needle tip.

Inventors: Christ; F. Richard (Laguna Beach, CA), Zaleski; Edward R. (Santa Ana, CA)

Assignee: Allergan Sales, Inc.

International Classification: A61F 9/007 (20060101); A61F 9/00 (20060101); A61M 031/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018