Patent Number: 6,254,681

Title: Continuous processing plant for the treatment of workpieces

Abstract: A continuous processing plant for the treatment of workpieces includes at least one treatment station, for example, an immersion basin, and a conveying device with a guide track in which base bodies are guided. The plant also includes a drive for driving the base bodies and at least one control unit. Each base body includes at least one connecting member suspended from the base body and a support body constructed for receiving at least one workpiece. Each support body is connected in an articulated manner to the respective connecting member. Each connecting member is mounted so as to include a lifting unit to the respective base body. Each lifting unit of each base body includes a control unit for selectively controlling the connecting member.

Inventors: Simon; Martin (Boblingen, DE), Weinand; Hans-Joachim (Ditzingen, DE), Abei; Peter (Altensteig, DE)

Assignee: Eisenmann Maschinenbau KG

International Classification: B65G 49/04 (20060101); B65G 49/00 (20060101); B05C 003/02 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018