Patent Number: 6,254,731

Title: Steam box including a suction zone in an area of a web adjacent to edge cutter devices

Abstract: A steam box including a steam chamber for blowing steam toward a paper or board web that runs on support of a wire and a suction zone arranged at the trailing side of the steam chamber of the steam box for providing suction of steam mist discharged by the steam chamber. The suction zone extends to sides of the steam chamber so as to extend to the lateral areas of the web. The steam box includes edge cutter devices arranged in the area of effect of the suction zone extending to the lateral areas of the web, so as to remove the fibers and fillers produced during the edge cutting and prevent soiling of the edges of the steam box.

Inventors: Puurtinen; Ari (Jyvaskyla, FI), Viertola; Mika (Jyvaskyla, FI), Lindstrom; Jan (Naantali, FI), Hannus; Lars H.ang.kan Mikael (Turku, FI)

Assignee: Valmet Corporation

International Classification: D21F 7/00 (20060101); D21F 001/48 (); D21F 001/56 (); D21F 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018