Patent Number: 6,254,774

Title: Apparatus for radioactive particulate filtration

Abstract: Apparatus is provided for filtering particulate matter from a fluid flow pumped from a coolant pool for a nuclear reactor. The apparatus comprises a large vessel with an interior chamber in which is rotatably supported a turntable in the form of a rigid basket-like support structure on which a large number of disposable filter cartridges are removably secured. Part of the turntable is a manifold assembly for distributing contaminated fluid received from a central conduit to the inlet side of the filter cartridges in the chamber. The vessel serves as a containment for coolant processed through the filters whereby the cleansed coolant may be conducted outwardly from the vessel through an outlet port and piped back to the pool of origin. Gate means are provided on the vessel in the form of normally closed ball valves which allow, during shut-down of the apparatus, extension, into and through the vessel, of tools to manipulate the turntable within the vessel and to accomplish filter cartridge replacement.

Inventors: Henderson; James R. (Emlenton, PA)


International Classification: B01D 29/11 (20060101); B01D 029/33 (); B01D 029/96 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018