Patent Number: 6,254,785

Title: Apparatus and process for water treatment

Abstract: An apparatus is disclosed utilizing permeable treatment media for treatment of contaminated water, along with a method for enhanced passive flow of contaminated water through the treatment media. The apparatus includes a treatment cell including a permeable structure that encloses the treatment media, the treatment cell may be located inside a water collection well, exterior to a water collection well, or placed in situ within the pathway of contaminated groundwater. The passive flow of contaminated water through the treatment media is maintained by a hydraulic connection between a collecting point of greater water pressure head, and a discharge point of lower water pressure head. The apparatus and process for passive flow and groundwater treatment utilizes a permeable treatment media made up of granular metal, bimetallics, granular cast iron, activated carbon, cation exchange resins, and/or additional treatment materials. An enclosing container may have an outer permeable wall for passive flow of water into the container and through the enclosed treatment media to an effluent point. Flow of contaminated water is attained without active pumping of water through the treatment media. Remediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons and other water contaminants to acceptable regulatory concentration levels is accomplished without the costs of pumping, pump maintenance, and constant oversight by personnel.

Inventors: Phifer; Mark A. (North Augusta, SC), Nichols; Ralph L. (North Augusta, SC)

Assignee: Westinghouse Savannah River Company

International Classification: B09B 3/00 (20060101); C02F 1/70 (20060101); C02F 1/42 (20060101); C02F 1/28 (20060101); B01D 001/00 (); B01D 015/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018