Patent Number: 6,254,838

Title: Ozone generating system for laundries

Abstract: A system for generating water with predetermined amount of ozone dissolved and minimum entrained ozone. The system includes the use of an entrained gas separator assembly in series with the recirculating plumbing feeding and discharging ozone enriched water. The novel entrained gas separator assembly allows the water with dissolved ozone to pass through while extracting the entrained ozone for subsequent use or destruction. The entrained gas separator includes a secondary tank with an off gas valve for releasing the entrained gases including ozone. A cylindrical member with a helicoidal wall and centrally perforated tube defines a helicoidal path that forces the water down allowing the entrained ozone to pass through. The ozone concentration is kept within predetermined levels with the use of an ozone analyzer mounted close to the outlet of the holding or contact tank, as well as a number of sensors and bypass valves that are computer controlled. The ozone rich water from the tank's outlet is passed through a water conditioner prior to being delivered for use.

Inventors: Goede; Armand Jean (Altamonte Springs, FL)


International Classification: C02F 1/78 (20060101); B01J 019/08 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018