Patent Number: 6,254,896

Title: Apparatus and process for in situ manufacture of essence from living, uncut plants

Abstract: The present invention relates to the in situ manufacture of plant extracts from living plants. Since the plant remains intact, a flower or other component of the plant can be extracted one or more times. Following the extraction process, the plant is typically able to continue with its lifecycle. Such extracts have a variety of uses including use for, but not limited to: herbal and homeopathic medicines, hair and skin treatments, and cosmetics. The present invention also relates to apparatus useful for manufacturing plant extracts from living plants.

Inventors: Davis; Brent W. (Lobelville, TN)


International Classification: A01G 5/00 (20060101); A01G 9/02 (20060101); A47G 7/00 (20060101); A61L 9/04 (20060101); C12N 5/02 (20060101); A61K 035/78 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018