Patent Number: 6,254,905

Title: Food additive slurry or powder composition and food composition containing same and method of making

Abstract: A food additive slurry or powder composition which comprises 100 parts by weight of at least one selected from the group consisting of calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and ferric pyrophosphate (A) and 1 to 60 parts by weight of gum arabic (B), anda calcium ion concentration M (mg/l) satisfying 10<M.ltoreq.500. The composition is superior not only in re-dispersibility and dispersion stability in liquid for a long period of time, and flavor, but is capable of providing highly concentrated products, and therefor it is advantageous economically.

Inventors: Hojo; Hisakazu (Hyogo, JP), Kubota; Naoki (Hyogo, JP), Minayoshi; Shiro (Hyogo, JP)

Assignee: Maruo Calcium Company Limited

International Classification: A23L 1/053 (20060101); A23L 1/052 (20060101); A23L 1/304 (20060101); A23L 2/52 (20060101); A23L 001/304 (); A23L 001/05 ()

Expiration Date: 07/03/2018