Patent Number: 6,281,967

Title: Illumination apparatus, exposure apparatus and exposure method

Abstract: An object of the invention is to provide an illumination apparatus and exposure apparatus and method employing this, whereby the illumination distribution on a mask or wafer can be compensated to a desired distribution, and whereby it is possible to independently alter the pupil shape (coherence factor) of illuminating light in respect of various image heights above the wafer. In order to achieve the on object, an illumination apparatus as claimed in the invention is provided with: a rod-type optical integrator forming a large number of light source images from the light from a light source; a relay optical system that illuminates a surface to be illuminated by respectively condensing light from the large number of light source images formed by the rod-type optical integrator; and means for controlling illumination that respectively independently control the intensity distribution of the light in the large number of light source images, being arranged on the light source side of the rod-type optical integrator.

Inventors: Kudo; Yuji (Tokyo, JP)

Assignee: Nikon Corporation

International Classification: G03F 7/20 (20060101); G03B 027/54 (); G03B 027/42 (); G03B 027/72 (); G03L 005/04 (); A61N 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 08/28/2018